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Drierite Desiccants

Indicating DRIERITE in this plastic unit dries air and gases for small scale laboratory applications. A rubber hose connection provides an immediate flow of dry gas. Note: Do not use this plastic unit in the presence of vapors or liquids containing phosphate esters, synthetic lubricants, hydrocarbon solvents, methanol, acetone, lacquer solvents, or other organics.

Color Change
Indicating DRIERITE is a distinct blue color. When its drying capacity is exhausted, it turns to pink. Indicating DRIERITE gives constant visual assurance of active desiccant.


  • Vent drier on reagent bottles, reaction apparatus, or instrument compartment

  • Sample preparation

  • Gravimetric determination of water vapor

  • Drying of gases for purging and blanketing of moisture sensitive materials

  • Active

    Construction:   Tube is polycarbonate. End caps are molded polypropylene. 20 Micron polypropylene filter in each end.
    Dimensions:   3/4" o.d. x 8" overall length
    Connections:   Hose barbs for 1/4" to 3/8" i.d. flexible tubing
    Desiccant:   30 grams Indicating DRIERITE
    Water capacity:   3 grams
    Maximum flow rate:   300 cubic centimeters per minute
    26930 Drying Tube 3 /4" x 6" (8" overall)   $6.42  order