Drierite Desiccants

DRIERITE Is The Solution

The best way to prevent the adverse effects of moisture is to protect the compartment or container with a desiccant such as DRIERITE. DRIERITE is uniquely suited to this type of application, in that it will not release any of its absorbed water when exposed to high ambient temperatures. The water is securely held in the form of the hemihydrate of calcium sulfate, which requires temperatures in excess of 350° F to free the water. Other desiccants release water with any small increase in temperature.

Adverse Effects of Moisture

Water and water vapor probably cause more damage than any other contaminant, either by direct attack or by indirect means. Dampness can promote the growth of mildew or fungus. Water molecules on the surface of metals can cause rust, tarnish or corrosion. Water vapor in the atmosphere can promote chemical reactions which will corrode or destroy the material that comes in contact with the products of reaction. While the insides of a compartment or container and its contents may feel dry to the touch, a considerable amount of water may be adsorbed on the surface or in the pores of them. Changes in temperature can desorb the water and condense it into droplets causing water spots, localized corrosion or other deterioration.

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