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These non-woven bags containing DRIERITE are used to completely dry the air within a package or container during shipment or storage. The disposable packets are dust tight and will protect enclosures for many months when used within an adequate moisture barrier. These desiccant bags are approved by the FDA and DRIERITE is Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS).

Every box of DRIERITE Desiccant Bags comes with a 30% Relative Humidity card that changes from blue to pink when the bags are no longer active.

Typical uses of DRIERITE desiccant bags include the packaging and protection of:

  • Electronic equipment
  • Metal parts
  • Tools
  • Foods
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Moisture sensitive materials
  • Instruments

  • Photographic equipment
  • Circuit boards
  • Appliances
  • Batteries
  • Sporting Goods
  • Guns
  • Jewelry

  • Materials
    DRIERITE desiccant bags are filled with DRIERITE (anhydrous calcium sulfate). Available in white TYVEK® or brown kraft paper. Held together by heat seals.

    A DRIERITE desiccant bag will reduce the humidity in a sealed enclosure to a -100° F dew point in about 10 hours or less. Materials packaged with these desiccant bags are protected from corrosion and other harmful effects of moisture contamination.

    DRIERITE bags leave behind less residual moisture than most other types of desiccant bags. DRIERITE also performs well at elevated temperatures and will not release absorbed moisture at less than 350° F. This is an important consideration when shipping products during variable weather conditions.

    Volume of moisture tight container
    Bag Size Cu. ft. Cu. in.
    3 grams 0.13 228
    6 grams 0.25 456
    1 ounce 1.25 2160
    2 ounces 2.5 4320
    4 ounces 5 8640
    8 ounces 10 17280

    For containers or bags larger than those listed, use multiple DRIERITE bags. This table takes into account water in the airspace inside the package only. If the contents contain additional water, more desiccant is required. See page How much Drierite?

    TYVEK® Desiccant Bags - White
    Stock No.DescriptionSizeQuantity per container
    Small picture of 60013T
    3 grams 1" x 1.8"750   $56.20  order
    Small picture of 60016T
    6 grams 1" x 2.6"750   $71.33  order
    Small picture of 60011T
    1 ounce 3" x 4"200   $31.94  order
    Small picture of 60012T
    2 ounces 3" x 5"400   $81.98  order
    Small picture of 60014T
    4 ounces 4" x 5.5"200   $59.80  order
    Small picture of 60018T
    8 ounces 6" x 6" 100   $54.44  order
    Small picture of 60061T
    1 ounce 3" x 4"600   $83.90  order

    Kraft Paper Desiccant Bags - Brown
    Stock No.Description SizeQuantity per container
    Small picture of 60013
    3 grams 1" x 1.8" 750   $53.52  order
    Small picture of 60016
    6 grams 1" x 2.6" 750   $67.93  order
    Small picture of 60011
    1 ounce 3.8" x 4" 200   $30.42  order
    Small picture of 60012
    2 ounces 3.8" x 4.8" 400   $78.08  order
    Small picture of 60014
    4 ounces 3.8" x 6.2" 200   $56.95  order
    Small picture of 60018
    8 ounces 5.8" x 6.2"100   $51.85  order
    Small picture of 60061
    1 ounce 3.8" x 4"600   $79.90  order