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Q:Indicating Drierite is either blue or pink.What does this mean?

A:Indicating Drierite is blue when active and pink when exhausted.


Q:Does all Drierite change color?

A:No, only Indicating Drierite changes color.All other types of Drierite are white and remain white regardless of moisture content.


Q:What does “mesh size” mean?

A:Mesh size meansgranules per inch.For example, 8 mesh Drierite granules are approximately 1/8 inch in diameter and 4 mesh granules are approximately 1/4 inch in diameter.


Q:Does mesh size really matter?

A:It depends.If you put Drierite in the bottom of a desiccator or other closed container to dry the air inside then the mesh size doesn’t matter.If you pack a column with Drierite and pass air through the column to dry it then the mesh size should be appropriate for the diameter of the column to avoid channeling and back pressure.


Q:Can Drierite be regenerated and used again?

A:Yes, Drierite can be regenerated by spreading the granules in a tray and heating them in an oven at about 425°F (220°C) for 1 to 1.5 hours.�� For complete instructions please see “regeneration instructions”.


Q:Can Drierite Desiccant Bags be regenerated?

A:No.Heating the Drierite Desiccant Bags causes the paper to scorch and the heat seals to come apart.Drierite Drierite Desiccant Bags are disposable.


Q:How long does Drierite last?

A:Drierite remains active until it reaches its capacity to absorb moisture.The length of time depends completely on exposure to water. For example, if Drierite is left open to the atmosphere on a humid day it will last only minutes.In a perfectly sealed container however, Drierite will remain active for decades.